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Honey, I shrunk the marketing

The digital revolution hasn’t just miniaturised microchips and transistors: it’s shrunk the way we communicate.
The bottom line: marketers need to go miniature, and it has to be done artfully!

Why a great video will not disguise a poor story

by Mr Brand Why a great video will not disguise a poor story ‘Once upon a time’ … and so the story starts, all the way through to… ‘And they all lived happily ever after’ But when was the last occasion that you saw a story though from its beginning to end? A great...

What Pop Videos Taught Us

by Mr Brand What Pop Videos Taught Us As Music is the food of the soul – then any video to that music is some special icing on the cake. Music resonates our inner being – it strikes a chord in the heart – makes us happy – makes us blue – a powerful medium - It will...