The 10 Seconds


by Mr Brand

Honey, I shrunk the marketing

The digital revolution hasn’t just miniaturised microchips and transistors: it’s shrunk the way we communicate.

The bottom line: marketers need to go miniature, and it has to be done artfully!

Texting has changed language. Twitter has shrunk time.

Miniaturised forms of communication are incredibly popular because these days people haven’t got time to gorge on big slices of content – there’s four million emails to open, countless threads that need replying to, and that’s on top of actually doing some work. So they want bite-sized snacks they can graze on in between tasks.

A new coin of phrase: Miniature Marketing

If miniature marketing is actually a thing, then surely it’s about creating little chunks of content that amuse, delight and inform audiences. Think funny gifs and memes, short videos and laconic statements from public figures that provoke people into frenzied reactions.

Done well, miniature marketing not only builds you a regular audience but gives you a powerful brand awareness tool that taps into the zeitgeist: Attention Economics.

But now for the tricky part: How can it be done well?

Artistry. Artistry. Artistry. And a healthy splash of sincerity and authenticity. If you’re to create content that truly engages an audience, then you need the artist’s touch because people are tired of Branded Content, which stinks of advertising and marketing.

So instead of spending huge budgets on digital and offline advertising, spend them on real creatives who produce great material, and then use the inexpensive social media platforms to spread the content, cultivate the wonder and then reap the traffic .

If you need a joke, hire a comedy writer. Need a good story? Hire a storyteller. Need some great visual graphics? Get a real artist and put some effort into creating something worthwhile.

If miniature marketing means anything, it means quality trumps quantity. There’s nowhere to hide. You have about 8 seconds to win someone’s attention. So it best be bloody good.

About the author

About the author

Mr Brand is the ambassador for 10 Seconds. He’s on a mission to give marketing professionals a competitive advantage in the Age of Attention Economics. He believes that to gain such advantage you need crystal clear communication. It’s all about the initial moment. Win people’s attention in the first 10 Seconds and you’ve opened the gateway to the final 10 Seconds, that all important conversion. He also likes to challenge conventional wisdom and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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