The 10 Seconds


by Mr Brand

Shrinking attention spans: your first 10 seconds could be your last

With attention spans shrinking, don’t give people an excuse to abandon you in an instant.

The bottom line: If you don’t grab their attention in the first ten seconds, you’ll lose them

information overload confuses human attention spans

The first ten seconds is your invitation to the audience. Get it wrong and people will take another offer. To illustrate the the importance of human attention spans, let’s indulge in some personification.

The good first ten seconds is a friendly looking guy, well-presented, warm smile, he might be gesturing to a barbecue and a crate of beer as if inviting you to join him for a pleasant experience. So you think, ‘Sod it, yeah, let’s have a beer and kick back.’

The bad, however, is a brutish looking man sneering menacingly. There might be what looks like blood smeared on his clothes and a whiff of gunpowder in the air. What you going to do? Most people would probably think, ‘Sod this for a laugh, I’m off.’ It makes no difference that the guy is actually a craftsmen with some fine products to offer. You’ll never know because the first impression was awful.

And that’s how it is with your marketing, whether it be videos, print advertising or web-content: you can have a brilliant offering for the audience, but if you neglect the first ten seconds, they’ll never feel inclined to find out about the good things you do.

So next time you’re creating some marketing material with the aim of drawing people into your funnel of awesomeness, think carefully about the first ten seconds, or it may be your last.

About the author

About the author

Mr Brand is the ambassador for 10 Seconds. He’s on a mission to give marketing professionals a competitive advantage in the Age of Attention Economics. He believes that to gain such advantage you need crystal clear communication. It’s all about the initial moment. Win people’s attention in the first 10 Seconds and you’ve opened the gateway to the final 10 Seconds, that all important conversion. He also likes to challenge conventional wisdom and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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